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 Little bit about me:  

  • Over 16 years of software development experience, working on systems, low-level generic tools, and high-level applications.

  • Worked as an integration/software developer at "Elbit", senior software developer at "Rafael" , technical leader at "Axxana", software manager at "Abbott Israel".

  • Currently, I work as a group manager and technical manager at ""' developing a new CPU/APU system working with C++20, massive metaprogramming, and the development of LLVM to create the next Big Thing for Big Data.

 My name is Alex and I am a C++ enthusiast :)  

I am a C++ expert with a strong experience in template meta-programming.
I like to share my enthusiasm with others by teaching courses and giving lectures worldwide, about all the new features of modern C++.


Experienced with leading and managing global and local teams at a large scales.
I am experienced in Software and Hardware development and 
Expert in C++ development. 

Experienced Integrator of software and hardware components, debugging hardware and software components, resolving engineering problems with board design and software design. 

Broad knowledge of many software and hardware technologies such as:
Jtag , LVDS, LCD, video processing, GPGpu, Communication 
technologies, CPU architecture and more.Experienced with C++, C, Cuda, JAVA, C☕, Python, Erlang and more.



Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Computer engineering, Computer Software Engineering


The Open University of Israel

Master's degree, Computer Science


The Open University of Israel

Computer sience, Computer Programming

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